Hello, I am

Jody Ann Johnson

Certified Master Coach & Firm Owner

I bring a very unique combination of skills to the coaching and training world learned over years of studying how to be effective with people to improve their outcomes whether as an open-heart nurse, the clinical manager of a large teaching hospital Emergency Department on the night shift, or today working closely with business owners and leaders to develop high performing teams.

About Me

You might wonder how in the world a former open heart and emergency nurse ended up as a top performing business and executive coach. Well, I didn’t know it at the time, however it wasn’t such a far leap, as many of the skill sets and ways of thinking and approaching people and situations in the hospital setting translated to coaching business leaders and their teams quite well.


Why Hire me for your business.

Making the switch from nursing to business and executive coaching required a leap of faith, a good dose of naivety and a vertical learning curve which continues to this day.

As the co-owner of the world’s number one business and executive coaching franchise in Miami I have honed my business and executive coaching skills over the last 15+ years and have found my particular area of passion on the people side of the business.

I am a problem solver with giant sized impact, by successfully scaling talent solutions to reach the whole organization. As, a problem solver I am adept at setting priorities and can see project through from inception to full scale roll out. Instead of simply reacting to the organizational environment, as a problem solver I clearly understand where and how talent strategy and business strategy meet.

Thus, I've created The People Champions to focus on the people strategy side of business. I believe that all businesses are people businesses and that taking care of the people side makes the process side of business work, not the other way around. As a people strategist I am dedicated to developing leaders and training them to develop the leaders around them while focusing on team performance and excellence.

I live in Miami and am married to Doug, my partner in both business and in life. My 87 year old father lives with us in a cottage out back and our lives revolve around our beloved rescue dog Dulce, who is endless entertaining, loving and keeps us on their toes.

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